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Can Harraf Namrattle learn to think before she speaks and to be kind to the people in Tweeville?
Harraf Namrattle lives in Tweeville and always says what she thinks–no matter what! She doesn’t seem to understand that words can be hurtful and that some things are better left unsaid. Today, however, Harraf’s mother reminds her to,”Think before you speak!”

Harraf sets out to play baseball with her friend Bo, who has a new baseball mitt. What will she say when she sees it? Then she meets her friend Hennaj, who has a lemonade stand. What will she say when she tries the lemonade? When she sees another friend drawing on the sidewalk, will she take her mother’s advice and be nice?
In the spirit of Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein-her favorites- author and certified counselor Shirin Zarqa-Lederman uses brightly colored images and simple, silly prose to challenge young readers while engaging them…

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Here is a little about the owner of the blog and his purpose:

Some say it is weakness to be absorbed in self praise. I’d say it helps me obtain motivation towards the achievement of higher personal objectives. That is exactly how I landed on the idea of creating my own website. Knowing yourself works great deal to help decipher new horizons of improvement and refinement of intellectual skills.

I try to stay away from virtual socialization and these social media websites have become significantly popular since the last few years. Not only business individuals but people belonging to all walks of life including a larger percentage of students make use of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etcetera to gain access to other people from the same or different localities and gain access to information from around the world. They attain all this access, straight from their desktops with minimal contact with the real world.

Speaking in vivid terms the harmful impact of this digital socialization is more prominent than its positive effects. Not only to the individual but these sites pose a potential threat to the entire sociological entity. How? Students and officials using this technological innovation for their respective lines of work may deviate from the purity of their cause and take recourse to these sites in order to kill their leisure or give their tiring minds a break. It should be noted that it is extremely feasible for them to do so much more effectively by taking a walk in the park or meeting up with friends. Instead they start to seek the comfort of their seats and virtually meet up with their friends and family, send digital greetings and tend to their sick health virtually. What is the benefit of any innovation if the users start to forsake the reason for its creation?

So as a normal human being I am attracted towards maintaining a realistic approach towards life and try hard to abstain from social networking sites. I find my pleasure in travel, reading books and mingling with real life social people that we call friends in the real world. I do however believe that life is never constant. It’s subject to change and movement. So sometimes it gets really hard to fathom the depths of the extreme utility life demands off you but at later times the most useful of all ideas miraculously imbibes to your subconscious. Alongside working part time I am effectively manage my studies and health. The better of doing both is to immerse oneself psychologically in healthy activities and avoid stagnation of both brain and body.

Where to draw the line? How to live in a universe that is constantly putting us at odds? By blindfolding our eyes? Deceiving ourselves, hoping for something good to pop out of nowhere? By “Bucking the Odds” or by working towards a more substantial, a more realistic end? By looking for answers and working out a solution based on probability.

I would say it is rather futile to go looking for something that your eye cannot see, that doesn’t even exist in your present and might not even be there in the future.Defying the odds, hoping, gives solace only for the moment. Being prepared to confront the odds is what gets us there! No? Well let’s get through the discussion and see for ourselves.

Realists aren’t always negative. They are practical, logical and more alive to every second of their lives. Call them sensitive but that is like a cherry on top of an already delicious dessert. How so? Well, this cherry topping bestows them a better perception of reality, a better observation and definitely a better outlook on life. They don’t believe or gamble. They do the math! An optimist might call the glass half full and probably be satisfied but the realist will see the glass half empty and will go out in search of more water in case a mishap happens.

Looking forward to a bright horizon isn’t wrong but just looking for it isn’t right either. Optimism is a more visionary stance. I hope things will get better. But I am just hoping and making no effort towards its accomplishment. That’s where optimism is merely a pleasure to the brain, a sweet delight but once this day dream fades and there is no horizon what do you do? Sulk?  Undergo depression pessimism? Then will you be finally able to see where things went wrong? Why not tear off that blind fold before it falls itself?

We are oblivious, rather ignorant of what could happen to us in the next second. Most of us think that we are less likely to suffer from a heart attack, a lung cancer, get divorced or have our house burnt down. Bitter may be, but this a realistic approach rather than being positive for the inevitability of such phenomena. Most of us are wildly optimistic. Good things are permanent to us while for pessimists good things are evanescent, they fade away.

Taking risks is a part of life in most of our daily professions be it entrepreneurs, pilots, doctors and even a common laborer. You invest money, hoping for a larger profit but you bank on it as the only source of income forgetting to think of another source in case the whole business tumbles down like a house of cards. A realistic approach catered by strong self-criticism creates a perfect paradigm to modify your action according to the needs of the day.

So yeah! I am a realistic optimist who believes that a vision accompanied by realistic attitude can do wonders. If only we would come out of our comfort zones and set forth towards a better understanding of life’s operation, acknowledge the bitter realities, would we be able to compete in Nature’s Arena.

My website caters your needs for an outward approach. The articles I display are not only fun to read but at the same time are intellectually revitalizing. How I did it? Well here’s the link (link) go and check it out for yourself! Do leave a feedback and help trigger the growth process

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Ted Farnsworth

Ted Farnsworth – Scam Artist or Entrepreneur ?


Ted Farnsworth is in the news quite frequently and because he is, sometimes you will see postings and and comments on the internet saying that Ted is a scam artist.

Everyone knows that scam artist exist and everyone knows that scam artists are ruthless in there quest for money.

What most people don’t understand who write blog post about Ted Farnsworth or anybody else who is an entrepreneur, is that most of them aren’t scam artists at all, they are strictly entrepreneurs who had a business venture or two that failed. There is nothing wrong with this, show me an entrepenure who hasn’t failed and I will show you someone who isn’t really an entrepenure.

If you Google “Donald Trump scam” you will find 410,000 results. If you Google Warren Buffett or even Bill Gates you will find people on the internet who call them scam artist. Last but not least, if you Google “Mother Theresa scam” you will find 432,000 results and one of the top results says Mother Theresa was a crook and a fraud. My point is that there will always be some nuts out there trying to discredit those of us who are trying to get ahead in life and make the world a better place to live. Are entrepenures perfect ….definataly not! But we go out every day and try to do good.

Here’s some other things that were discovered about Ted Farnsworth that you may not know.

Mr. Farnsworth is the Chairman and Founder of The Highlander Companies and Chairman and Founder of Millennial Hotel Group. He is responsible for the strategic direction of these companies, for investment and financing activities across all capital platforms, and for the creation and pursuit of new real estate development opportunities and their acquisition.

An expert in strategic development, marketing and consumer relations, Mr. Farnsworth has utilized these assets and skills building companies throughout his 30-year career. He has owned and operated numerous companies with proprietary products with recognized brand names that he actively helped to develop. Many of these companies ultimately became publicly held. He is an equity partner in a deal comprised of in-demand office buildings located in primary and secondary markets across the U.S. The portfolio is majority leased to the General Services Administration, making it the fourth largest landlord for the U.S, government today.

Mr. Farnsworth’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to feature articles in numerous publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, to name a few, and appearances on MSNBC and CNBC.

Ted Farnsworth is a fervent believer that success in life is directly associated with a person’s desire and commitment to give back his time and wealth to society. He has been a generous supporter of numerous charities and founded the Far West Haiti Mission, which provides fresh water, housing and work initiatives to the residents of Haiti. Through the Far West Haiti Mission, Mr. Farnsworth also founded a school for the blind. Literally thousands of people have benefitted from his generosity and his perpetual dedication to elevating the human spirit.

Millennial’s Investment Strategy

As we are dedicated to providing excellence in every aspect of real estate investment. We are bringing together high-performance experts whose proven leadership combines decades of pinnacle brand expertise and market cycle success. As industry-shapers, these individuals initiated progressive programs and processes that forever changed the real estate landscape – and particularly the hospitality landscape – including the repositioning and consolidation of renowned brands, pioneers of strategic hospitality concepts, trendsetting lifestyle collaborations, and farsighted tech-savvy innovations.

With new acquisitions and consolidations, the goal is to create an asset that generates a recurring cash flow stream, providing a continuous return on investment for the company and its partners while maintaining the optimal level of financial flexibility and liquidity.


Classic Books Perfect for Children

Literary Classics for Kids in a new upbeat style.

Are you struggling to get your kids interested in classics? What if the classics were engaging and in a comic book format? Now they are – the Illustrated Classics by Saddleback Educational Publishing! These literary masterpieces are made easy and interesting. This series features classic tales retold with color illustrations to introduce literature to struggling and reluctant readers. The 33 titles include classics such as Call of the Wild, Sherlock Holmes, Moby Dick, and the Red Badge of Courage just to name a few. Titles can be ordered separately or all 33 can be ordered together. http://www.sdlback.com/illustrated-classics-sample-set/


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Amazing idea which is perfect for kids. I have strong feelings about this. I think every kid should have some understanding of the “classics”. And here is why….I once met someone who I worked with and it was sometimes hard for him to have a normal conversation with people. Now we didn’t sit around and discuss the classics all day long, but there are many times someone will say a quote, or a reference to a classic story, such as “May I have some more, please.” From Charles Dickens Oliver Twist. Or how many times has someone called somebody a scrooge. There are so many references that people just “know” and it is from knowing these stories. This guy I worked with just sat there in silence.

I like to have my kids well versed in many of the classics because it does impact society. Most movies now-a-days are based or are remakes of old classics. I think every Christmas they make a new “A Christmas Carol” type movie.

These stories are our history, they are what make us great. Children should not feel deprived because they haven’t read any. My kids are very interested in these books. Written in a graphic novel type format complete with pictures is amazing. You never know which book will spark a child’s interest or complete love for reading. For me it was “The Scarlet Letter”. From there I went onto reading every classic I could get my hand on. I loved them, and of course that later inspired me to write.

Every child deserves a collection like this. Why not give it to them!!! You never know your child could become the next Dickens, or Twain, or even J.K. Rowling!!!

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